Monday, May 22, 2006

Tomorrow's Church

I thought of it as a type of a summit. Well, except that we all consider ourselves less than extraordinary. Summits consist of "important" people deciding on "important" issues. That's not us...well, not as a collective whole. Some here are church pastors; Some are music leaders (haha Gibson); Some are engaged in "frontline" holistic ministry; All are lovers of humanity. It was nice to refresh and reconnect with these men of God (especially in San Diego....pity us!). These are some faces of men whom will usher in the church in this 21st century. We all came from different parents, theological presuppositions, denominations, and lifestyles. We all have different visions, different theories on how to reach the new generation, and different calls in life. Yet, there were some tight threads that bind us all together. A love for the Lord, a love for His inerrant (yes, that's right postmoderns...I said inerrant) Word, a love for ALL people, and a love for the church......oh, and a general distaste for our, had to throw in that didn't I !?!? Praise God for friends.


Joshua said...

I'm the good looking one in this pic. HaHa

John Lynch said...
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John Lynch said...

ENCOURAGING - to be with the brothers.

CHALLENGING - to struggle & strain together for intimacy & efficacy in Christ.

CURIOUS - as to why Josh was firmly gripping the buttocks of Ben & Matt in this picture.