Friday, May 12, 2006

To Go Or Not To Go: The DaVinci Dilemma

Should a Believer go to "The DaVinci Code"? I have been asked this question by a lot of people lately. Not that I am any authority to answer this question, but I will give you my opinion anyway.

No. I do not feel a Believer should attend this movie. Many will say that we should go see it so we know what it is about and thus be prepared to answer questions coming our way. Though I can see the validity of this position, I do not feel it is the correct one. Most people know what the movie is about. And if you don't, here is the main premise of the film. Jesus "knew" (the biblical term for, ah, knowing someone...ummm...intimately....ah, yeah...ok...they had sex) Mary Magdalene and she had His son. Thus, in DaVinci's painting of the "Last Supper" the "effeminate" persona depicted is not the beloved disciple John, but rather Mary herself. Basically its heresy. The book (and thus probably the movie) goes into the Vatican's cover-up of a secret only known to an elite group. The rest of the book is the adventure to uncover this secret.

Ok...So, basically its about the Savior of the world having a woman and a son. That is exactly the reason why we should not see this movie. We all should be able to formulate a defense for this heresy without seeing the movie itself. If one feels they need to know more they can go on the world wide web and find just about anything concerning the movie. The fact is that probably no one is going to ask you any questions about the Vatican, or the Knights Templar, or Priory of Sion, but rather if Jesus did in fact do these things.

When someone uses the Lord's name in vain on TV, or a show uses Jesus' name to describe some one as a "holy roller", or when something I see is just blatantly against God's essence on TV, I try not to watch it. I feel the same way about this. A Believer should not spend $10 to watch a movie that portrays Jesus' life this way, we should turn away, just like we would turn the TV channel if God was being badgered.

I would love to hear feedback on this.


Anonymous said...

I am responding to your post.

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Anonymous said...

I think Christians need to either read the book or watch the movie so they can argue it from their own standpoint and not based on what others say or what previews or editorials say.