Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ahhh, Yeah.....

Please meet Carrie.
meet everyone.

I love you; Namaste!
(And yes, we are on a first name basis now...the future is looking bright... details to come!)


Name circa 1973 said...

Underwear, Underdog, Underpants, Undergrowth, Underarm, Underdressed, Undercover, UnderPressure, UnderSuspicion and UnderAge . . .

Limitless possiblities for school-yard fun!

I won't even begin to assess that Undeniably Unique first name.

Sometimes it is painful to admit that I know you, let alone, love you to pieces!! ;o)~

Jennifer said...

barf. sincerely, jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Q said

i hope this will not remove any focus for the your ministry, i don't see carrie making the transition to over yonder.

But we never know!

God is the great I AM anything is possible thanks for the moring chuckle, i have wyonna juds personal email i could help you make contact if you promise not to scare her!!LOL

Ordinary Radical said...

Sorry Q, had to change a few words on your post, hope you dont mind...Gotta keep the "buzz" words to a minimum.

Hmm...Wyonna is nice. But my heart is still with Underwood...And by the way, do I know you? I feel like I should....hmmm...

Sweet Fanatic said...

HA HA HA...hmmm wait a minute you posted this on May 28... WASN'T THAT THE SABBATH?!?! ;] Way to keep the Sabbath HOLY Grant!! HA HA! You'll probably say something like (it was after 6pm, the Sabbath was over)...LOL
It's all good, I wont be a hater, I still love ya "Ordinary Radical", a.k.a. "One Time", a.k.a. "G-Dub", a.k.a. "Afghan-Grant", a.k.a. "Orthodox Postmodern Evangelical Progressive Christian"... ahhh. ok, I'm done now. =]

Sweet Fanatic said...
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