Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tami and Christa

I have been a Christian since junior high. I have grown up around believers and a great church. I have went to Seminary. I have promised my life to God's work. Yet, the Lord has reasoned to place in my life two amazing individuals that have taught me more about faith and about Him then anything else in the last couple critical months of my life.

Tami and Christa. Both somewhat "new" believers. But both with a faith and fire that I can only imagine makes Satan shudder at the thought. I can just picture him now....it makes me smile. You see, these women have known Jesus for much shorter of a time than I have, however they have both made me realize the majesty of our Lord. They remind me of my initial transformation, when God, after I had nothing of worth left, thought enough of me to bring me back to Him (thanks Christa for reminding me of this). The ruler of the universe who undoubtedly had a million better things to be doing at the time, like hearing prayer from His faithful, bothered with this degenerate, pathological sinner and worker of iniquity.

You see, its easy to begin to think you have it all together. You know your calling, you are educated, you love God. And within that paradigm you lose sight of the One that is doing all the work, the One who saved you and counted you worthy when you could do nothing but run back to your own vomit and eat. Thank you Tami and Christa for enlightening my life, for showing me once more what life is all about, for making real the unparalleled Word of God, which tells us, "We must be like children....."


Joshua said...

Brother I have watched God bring you close to Him in a way that is very radical. I can't tell you how much I'm encouraged by the work God has done in your heart over the past few years, and I can't tell you how encouraged I've been to see you respond to His work with an open heart. Grant I love you very much and will miss you when you're gone. Sandiego is just around the corner!!!!

Tami said...

I thought of what was said in Acts 4 about Peter and John when they were passionately preaching the gospel..."When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that theses men had been with Jesus."
Honestly, sometimes I do get intimidated that I don't have as much background, knowledge etc. as many of the people I have met in my Christian infancy. Then I think of Peter and John and how all they needed, all I need is to allow the Spirit to give me the wisdom and understanding...and He does!
I've learned so much from you as well. Thank you Grant, for showing me what a sold out, authentic servant looks like. Thank you opening me to seek the mystery and wonder of the Kingdom. Meeting you inspired me to seek Him more and in doing so, I've fallen madly in love with Jesus.
It has been an indescribable joy to see God use you for the amazing work He has chosen you for.
Much, joy, peace and
love ~

Sarah said...

Hey! It's always great to read your posts!

Just wanted you to know my blog changed to



Christa said...

Thank you Grant, this is very humbling! And Praise be to the Lord for what a work He has done in your life as well. You have also been an amazing encouragement to me! Your sacrifice and dedication to serve the Lords is a beautiful example to us all! I pray that we all can walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which we have been called. Die to thy self, surrender to His will and truly "live" for God. Amen!

There is absolutely NO beginning or end to the extent of our Fathers Love, Grace, and Mercy that He's personally shown me(as well as many). For I know just how unworthy I am for Him to keep breaking, molding and growing me into the person whom you speak of in your blog. I praise the Lord Christ our savior for how far He and I have come because I can now "see", that there is still yet SO much more to come. The mighty, power, and perfect, efficiency of our Lord and Father, is so, far, beyond my greatest comprehension! The highest of Praises to our Father in heaven through my Lord Jesus The Christ!!!

Peace be with you always brother...

In Love, Christa =]