Friday, May 11, 2007

The 1st Church

Every time I read this passage I have to sit and dwell on it for a while. 1st century living. Ive always wanted to live that way to tell you the truth, but have always come up for an excuse or a reason why it isn't plausible here in the suburbs of the US. But, again, I read it yesterday...and again, the Spirit tugged at my heart and soul and beckoned me to this calling. Now, there is more significance to this story than meets the eye. For starters, and this is a big starter, I rarely feel the overwhelming presence of the Spirit..mostly its because I'm not tuned into it (I was overseas though..more on that later)...but whenever I read certain passages or pray about certain things, the Spirit comes alive like something supernatural. Its truly amazing. This is one of those passages that the Spirit always confronts me on...also, as many of my friends can attest, there was a brief period in my life when becoming a monk looked like a very available and doable "profession". Now, the Lord has obviously called me to a different life as you all know. Nevertheless, I cant get away from this passage. It beckons me. It burdens me. I wanna share what these 8 verses have. But go ahead, read it yourself. Ask the Spirit to talk to you....

Peter testified and exhorted....with words like "be saved from this perverse generation".

3000 were added.

Continued steadfastly.

In fellowship, breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Signs and wonders.

All who believed were together!...and had all things in common!

Sold their possessions..divided among all.

With gladness and simplicity of heart.

Having favor with all people.

Praising God.


Thank you, Luke, for writing Acts 2:40-47....I hope I can learn from this account....