Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent 2011: Day 5_Dealing with the Tension

World Vision ACT:S Reflections: So far this week, we’ve spent time in prayer, exploring our own stories, and setting some goals. Now it’s time for us to soberly think about the journey we will begin later today. More often than not, people don’t make it all the way through Lent; our challenge this year is to really explore how God can use each of us, calling us outside of our individual self-indulgent stories into the larger narrative of His kingdom on earth.

On Wednesday, we prayed for discomfort. Over the next six weeks, if we truly try to identify with each of the real-life stories, we will inevitably experience discomfort and tension. Hopefully, each week will draw us farther outside of our own story to experience the stories of others… and to ultimately enter into the story of what God is doing and wants to do through each of us. Along the way, we will likely be easily distracted by our own lives and busyness. We might get bored, feel guilty, give up after falling behind, or we might just think about our everyday lives and convince ourselves that nothing can ever change.

As you think about your own story and the goals that you have set for yourself, what are some of the obstacles you can expect to come in your way? How can you invite others into this journey with you? Think about how you and your friends can enrich each other’s experiences and hold each other accountable.

Take a moment to write down some of these obstacles and ideas you have for living within the tension and discomfort. Then reread the Franciscan blessing we shared on Wednesday, and remember that blessings often come in subtle forms.

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