Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vision Adjusted

Dreams and visions. I've only recently in my life have had the pleasure of having the Lord speak to me using these avenues. It is definitely how I received my revelation concerning the ladies' gym that I hope to be opening in the near future here. But, this time God used two very close friends over here to speak to me...thru THEIR dreams and visions. Both told me about their individual circumstances within a couple days of each other.

One, my best friend here, said she envisioned a learning center along with the gym for ladies here. She is a teacher and desires to teach locals English and Truth. I pictured it in my head...Hmm...It could work.

Next, a lady here came up to me and said she envisioned a center for women that would include an education center, a gym, stores, etc. Ok. Now this is two people...something is going on here.

As most of you know, I have now started moving fully forward in my business plan. I needed clarity from the Lord about what He was saying to me, and to others. I prayed. I asked Him to invade my space. To give me clarity..after all, I needed to get moving on this. As His custom lately with me, He didn't wait long. That very night I had a dream, but I didn't recall much of it when I awoke, just that I received revelation. You know that feeling, right? When you wake up and say: I need to remember what I was just dreaming. I arose and spent the next 30 minutes praying to remember my dream. He answered, again, right away. He gave me one snapshot of the dream, one image.

A gym. But not an ordinary gym. It was a center! It was big! It had lots going on in it..not just fitness exercises. There were definitely other projects happening for women there. Thank you Lord.

Clarity. A change in vision now........
A center, more than just a gym, for the women of this country. I will keep you posted.


the Beckster said...

that's awesome! keep us posted!

Tami said...

I am thrilled to hear this. I have been really praying for this Grant. I can't wait to see what comes of it. If you need any pilates or yoga info...
Much love hermano!

Anonymous said...

thats awsome Grant, it is a amazing what we can do when were trusting. sending good thoughts.