Saturday, November 11, 2006


Back in the U.S. I never got sick. My mother always said to me, “You are the healthiest person I know Grant!!” Yes, by the grace of God I had great health. He’s blessed me so much in this regard. I mean I hadn’t puked for at least 10 years, literally! However, ever since I arrived here I have been almost perpetually sick. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another here. The last bout was with food poisoning. It was nasty. I was up all night, my body was in chaos. I ached all over, you know, when you hurt so much that you can’t sit still…It was terrible.

I attribute this directly to the Enemy and to spiritual warfare. For instance, as most of you know, I tore the ligaments in my ankle, playing in my last basketball game, in the last 10 minutes of the game, a month before I was to head overseas. When I crashed to the ground, immediately I thought……Satan…...and I sat bedazzled, in a heap on the court. I was on crutches wondering if I was going to make my departure date. I have now battled fevers, giardia, colds, chest complications (from the terrible air here), diarrhea, extreme fatigue, aches, pains, and now poisoning….
Spiritual warfare. I know this is what is happening. Like an author once said, "We don't understand 90% of what is going on around us." The Enemy attacks like this here. Health issues are very common in the expat community. Satan is doing everything he can to discourage, divide, and dismiss. Luckily, God has been close…and so have loved ones…He always keeps fresh on my mind that life is a gift…always.


Jennifer said...

I blogged. Are you happy? And, you are the pressure I speak of in my post.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It could be that nasty guy living Way South of the border... or it could be Toddlers.

If germs were pets, I'd have to open a Zoo! As you know, October was a complete wash here. . . so you've got some heavy-duty sympathy comin' at ya!!

Just one question: When did you have kids????? ;)~

Love, love, love,
Crock (and Z&E - Two Miniature Germ Refugee Camps)

Anonymous said...

I had not read this till today, i am sorry to hear how sick you have been. Yet glad you are not detoured!!
Your in good company.

I am glad you see why its happening, i will be asking for additional care for you specifically...i know it will help.
peace and wellness!

Bobby said...

Dude, you have left the comforts of the Shire to fulfill the mission...the orks are well aware of what youre up to...youre on the radar screen now. But here's the deal, the Kingdom of God is breaking through...we're reclaiming that which is righfully His. We're all very proud of you dude. youre a rock star now.

John Lynch said...

Absolutely, bro. Sickness is so frequently associated with demonic activity in the Gospels, it makes me wonder how much "ordinary" illness is simply the devil working to afflict us. Either way, the Bible says God's given us authority over it! I'm just now figuring this out, but the Text appears to indicate that staying sick is the exception & healing is the norm for those who are abiding in Christ & have faith without doubt. I'm eager for your experience on this. Would you post your process on faith & illness over at Hungry & Thirsty? Love ya man! - J

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about this.
We have seen those gone before us that have suffered for the Good News, including physically. Paul had his share of suffering and was full of faith, so don't think that lack of faith has anything to do with this. Make sure to take very good care of yourself (eating right etc.) so that the enemy has less ways to attack and let nasty bugs slip in. (I got that bit of advise before a missons trip and was glad I did!)
I will be talking to Father about this for ya!