Friday, November 24, 2006

Shake, Rattle, and....(What the heck was that!?!?!)

455 am. I was having a cool dream too. I thought it was part of my dream, but when I awoke I realized I was living it, not dreaming it. It was an earthquake. My house was shaking like something fierce. I initially thought it was one of two things: a missile or bomb that hit really close, like in my neighborhood (which isn't much of a stretch), or a bulldozer going through my yard. It ended up being neither, just an earthquake. I have never experienced an earthquake before so this was a first. Needless to say, I didn't fall back asleep on this night.

The rest of the early morning I spent praying for the people who may have been affected by the jolt, since most people have mud houses out here and roofs collapsing are a possibility, and I also spent time praising God. When you experience a partial or a full blown natural disaster you get perspective on the mightiness of God real quick. So, I really spent time praising God for His glory, power, and might.

This is bad theology, at least I think it is...but, nevertheless, as I sat in my bed experiencing my first ever earthquake a thought came across my mind....

Is God trying to get our attention; is He trying to say something?


Jennifer said...

thanks for calling. your earthquake stories are way cooler than my turkey and stuffing stories from the past few days. but i did have some good pound cake...some might even say it was earth-shaking.

Jennifer said...

new post, please.