Monday, June 19, 2006

Quotes That Convict Me

"To want to admire, instead of follow Christ, is not an invention of bad people; no it is more an invention of those who spinelessly want to keep themselves detached at a safe distance from Jesus". --Soren Kierkegaard

"All around you people will be tiptoeing through life, just to arrive at death safely. But dear children, do not tiptoe. Run, hop, skip, or dance, just don't tiptoe".


mattieg80 said...

sweet brother. great quotes.

much love.

John Lynch said...

Right on, bro.

Erwin McManus preaches a KILLER message on DVD called "The Barbarian Way" in which he uses the metaphor of a group of rhino's, technically termed a "crash", as a picture of the kind of faith God honors. I think there's something to that. Christians who humbly work to discern God's leading... but simultaneously never hesitate at opportunities to honor Him or love people.

I love it!