Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Postmodern Undercurrent

Labels. I personally love them. Some I equate to myself include:

Orthodox Postmodern Evangelical
Orthodox Progressive Christian

etc. etc. Two of these I came up with off the top of my head, one is very broad. Most postmoderns do not like being put in a box, I however, do!

Since I have not been working recently, I have had ample time to read and learn over the last couple of months. I have learned a lot, and my faith has been stretched. I am going to address an issue that needs to be addressed, because it hits home and if we do not address it we will "miss the boat" as Believers. It is a complex issue and it is an issue that needs lots of time and space so I will not tackle every part of it here, today. Rather, I will string out numerous posts on the issue and look forward to having some feedback from it.

The issue? Postmodernism, or emergent, or progressive thought/culture/Christianity. For those of you who are not privy to the shifting landscape within Christianity in America, I would say:

1. Where have you been?
2. Let's talk.

There is an undercurrent, a huge undercurrent in Evangelical Christianity as we know it today. Even greater perhaps and certainly correlated is the undercurrent in society in general. A new way of thinking is emerging (pun intended), and the old way is becoming obsolete. Postmodern thought is sweeping over America erasing modern thinking as we know it. The ramifications of this are huge; positively and negatively. This current is invading "sacred" ranks as well "secular" ranks. It is here to stay as well.

There are numerous things I find appealing to this change (which I will address soon), but there are also some blatant pitfalls that need to be discussed.

Let's talk.

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John Lynch said...

I like the label "Transmodern"! Kind of that in-between thing that embraces the truth emphasis of Modernity but also the Love emphasis of Postmodernity. Yeah... truth & love... together... Like peanut-butter & chocolate in Reeses! (Mmmm... Reeses...)

Transmodern. Change from Modern.

TRANSMODERN... I s'pose the only thing I don't like about it is how it sounds a little like that other no-no word...

... You know the one ... T R A N S - C O N T I N T I N E N T A L . That's right... I've never really like that word.