Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Ordinary Radical

Ordinary.....In the sense that I do not think I am better than anyone else.

Radical.....In the sense that I want to realize what it means to truly love, to truly FOLLOW Jesus, not just believe He existed.

So, I am an Ordinary Radical. A person who chooses to live in a radical way. I clarify that I am NOT some kinda Saint who has a monopoly on radicalness (is this even a word), because that is just vain, but I am also NOT a person who is satisfied with the way things are.

I look forward to sharing life together......


El Luchador said...

Yo G! I'm you're first commment. Whether I aggree with every view of yours or not does not affect how much I respect you and what you are doing. I value people of action, and getting to live with you for as long as I did, I can truly see that you are a Man of action.

Oh, and since you're already going to be there and all, I could sure use a finely made Afghan rug for my living room once I have the new floors put in.

Peace brother, I miss having you around.

Jennifer said...

I think Shane (and Jesus) would be proud that you're taking the words off the page and into life...and onto the internet in the fancy fashion of a blog. Welcome to the fold.

C said...

G, Thank you.
Thank you for doing the things that some of us are either incapable or ignorant of, or unwilling to do. Thank you for going to places that we are CALLED, not ones we always CHOOSE. Thank you for doing His will - the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

Although I wish I could go back there with you, you will always be here with us.

Your brother in Christ,

John Lynch said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen..... presenting the world's hippest missionary.... your friend and mine...... Grrrrrrrrrrrrant Waaaaaaaaaaalsh!!!

Glad you're on this, man. Now hurry up & post something life-changing!

Bobby said...

Carpe Diem for Jesus Dude!
peace and love,