Friday, December 15, 2006

Part 1 -- "Flawless"

At around 10am local time the first of two installments of the Christmas play went off. This one was for the women. Over 220 local women crowded into the program. The show went off perfectly. All the prayers for animal cooperation, electrical cooperation, and the expat acting were answered by God.

Keep in mind that 2 years ago in this place, the name of Jesus could hardly be muttered. Now, God has led us to do a play on the birth of Jesus. "Outreach" was made evident as an expat man led a prayer to close the show and talked about "sacrifice" put the pieces was a supernatural experience.

Praise God for this. Part one is over. Tonight, at 5pm local time, is part two...for the men.

May the name of the Lord reign in this place!


Anonymous said...

That's so tight!!!!!!!! Hahaha! I love it!!!!


John Lynch said...