Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tuned In

A friend of mine, Enriqueta, posted this reply to one of my posts recently. It couldn't be more true..I had to pass it on to you all and comment on her comment.

"There is something to the way you are living that gets you tuned in."

Yes, there is. It is hard to explain, and certainly isn't quantifiable. But it is this nagging feeling, maybe a nagging circumstance, possibly a nagging Presence.

"Getting tuned in". Yes, that's it. I'm getting very tuned in. Some of the tuning is external, but most has been internal. The Lord has radically, yet caringly, be in the business of "tuning me in" ever since I have arrived here. I have learned so many things about Him, about myself, about life, that frankly wasn't gonna happen at's true.

I would love to go into full detail..but, you see some of this already in other posts, and I would have a hard time conveying exactly what is happening. I pray that He would continue to develop me into the man He desires me to be.


mattieg80 said...

much love my friend...

miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hey OR(ordinary radical=)
I totally think it is true.
I had the pleasure of meeting the young gal and her parents who know you=).
She was inspiring yesterday as she spoke of you. Stay well.

Bobby said...

Actually, i believe that this is what the beatitudes are about...being tuned in. i believe that Jesus was saying, before you get all crazy about need to know who I am and what I am about...this is how to be in tune w/what God's playing.