Friday, August 04, 2006

My New Transportation

Riding a bike on a rock riddled, dirt road - sore butt

Weaving in and out of chaotic, lawless traffic - scrapes and bruises

Trading in the Dodge Durango for a Chinese bicycle - PRICELESS!


Tam` said...

When are you getting the training wheels put on? Safety first! I'll send you some pink handle bar tassels.

You are consitently in my thoughts* mi amigo!
Much love hermano ~

Melissa said...

Hey has anyone ever told you that you would be great in advertising? Cute, real cute. Kelley is going to love this.


Jennifer said...
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mattieg80 said...
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Christa said...

Ha Ha Ha, that's awesome Brotha! Spoiled you are! ;] Melissa’s right, we could stick you on a poster board with Carrie now. Match made… =P I’ll be sure to send some reflectors and a bell along with Tammy’s care package for ya!
Lovin it…
Love ya Gibroni!!! And the Carries and the Tammy!

Anonymous said...

Where's your helmet? You know how we feel about helmets. Do we need to send you a helmet? I'm going to run this by your sister; she's not going to be happy.

Are the police out with their hand held stop signs?

Anonymous said...

nice wheels...hey i just got a note from lynn for manana I am part of her group. hope your meeting goes well!
btw its ....q...the friend of Bobby's and met you at the festival.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tam - Safety First !
Does anyone wear a helmet as your brother-in-law noted?
Missing you - love you and be safe.