Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boiling Point

As Believers we need to be praying about this. I have been able to spend a little bit of time following this situation. Here are some personal observations:

1. This conflict goes deeper than just a few abducted soldiers. Really, this conflict seems to be more about the land, which goes far back in time, rather than recent uprisings.
2. Hezbollah, the radical Islamic group, very clearly started this mess, but Israel has retaliated in an exponentially greater way (again, this stems from observation #1).
3. The Bush Adminstration is eerily silent right now.
4. Iran is suddenly out of the news....hmmm, wonder what that means?!?! Could they be involved in this?
5. Lebanon has numerous members of Hezbollah in government and won't stand up to them as a country.
6. War is already upon the Middle East.

This is major stuff ya'll. We need to pray; hard! Pray for peace...don't just pray for Israel..pray for everyone.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the PLO started this, back around 1967 . . . The Hezbollah didn't make their formal introduction until about 1982.

You may find this of interest:

Saturday History Lesson #327.
Your Welcome! :)
xo ~ Crock

Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . link didn't work . . . copy and paste this:

Sarah said...

Thanks for your encouragement to pray. I feel the same urgency. Holla.

Anonymous said...

i ditto Sarah!
a great read to better understand Hezbollah and Hamas read tom fridman Beruit to Jeserslum it gives you a eerily future telling of what is happing today.

John Lynch said...

I just found out that Hezbollah launched a similar rocket-bombing campaign on Israel from Lebanon in the 90's. Yeah... definitely much deeper than a handful of abducted soldiers.

Anonymous said...

if you get a chance you should check out Bob, or Eve on my site.

They are two lebonese that i have come in contact with while checking on some friends who are working in Lebonon.

amazing incite!