Monday, April 10, 2006

Holy Ground

The Memorial Union. Better known as the MU to students at ASU, it is the location that thousands make their way through on campus each day. On this Palm Sunday at 6am it is vacant. In fact, there are only a few people I see on the campus grounds all morning...well...except for those praying for ASU. As I walked into Danforth Chapel on site I am somewhat surprised to see 5 people engaged in Spirit-filled worship and prayer. I mean, it is 6am on a Sunday morning at ASU and these students care and love their campus so much that they sacrifice sleep and many other things to lift up their campus to God.

For a week straight not one minute of one hour was missed. Continual prayer and worship never ceased. I met wonderful people. Prophets....Saints....Sinners.... People like Chris who was one of the visionaries for this movement coming to Tempe. Amber Z. and Cindi whose contagious smiles and spirits were uplifting. Shawn, an amazing man who held down many of the 1am or 3am shifts. Remarkable.

As I sat at home last night I couldn't shake the obvious yearning to go back to ASU and continue doing this. This movement has radically changed my life and my soul. God met me at ASU...a place that I don't even go to school anymore....a place that up to this week I never thought I would step foot on again. My prayer is that '24-7 prayer' catches fire all around this world. Thank you Father God. ,


Tami said...

It was an amazing experience for sure. God met me there as well - broke my heart for things that break His heart, revealed His glory, His mercy, His power, His faithfulness, burdened me, revived me...I could go on.
Anyone who ever has a chance to take part in this in the future really should. It will move you and change you.

cindi said...

Grant, it was so great to meet you last week and find out we have the same passions (prayer) and the same kindred spirit (bobby). A friend of mine once said, "when we get to heaven, we will connect with siblings we've never met." It felt like that last week, when I met you. Continue to bring heaven to earth, my friend (matt 6:10).