Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Revolutionaries, Jesus, and the Kingdom of God

"Revolutionaries are always untimely - for the simple reason that they can never be deemed reasonable or right by the present system because it is the present system they critique. Consider a group of activists who protest against the building of a highway through a forest. It is perfectly possible to find many, if not most, of the protesters acknowledging both the futility of their mission and even questioning its justification. The protesters may know that, on purely rational grounds, the highway is needed. They may know that, were they to engage in public debate, their position would be exposed as lacking the rational framework that would justify their actions. Why? Because the presently accepted way of understanding the world dictates the scope and limitations of the rational framework itself.

So why do they act? Because they are affirming a reality that does not yet exist, a reality that would, if it was initiated, justify the actions that they are presently engaged in. They are fighting without justification for a world that would one day offer that justification."

Insurrection, Peter Rollins (175)

My Take:
Jesus is the revolutionary. The kingdom of God is the reality Jesus knew existed that we did not (and still don't to some degree) acknowledge or understand. It is only in the context of the kingdom of God, that we can understand the purpose and life of Jesus the messiah. Through the kingdom of God, Jesus affirmed (and affirms) a new reality. 

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"Affirming a reality that does not yet exist" favorite line Grant-good read!!
Enriqueta T