Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lent 2011: Week 5, Speechless

In this week’s story, a Cambodian girl finds herself utterly “speechless”: no one listens to her pleas for mercy, no one ever responds to her cries for help, and absolutely no one cares about her rights to freedom and respect as a human being. Here's Ka's story.

REFLECTION: Ka faced some horrible experiences that oppressed her ability to determine the course of her own life. Do you know what it is like to be speechless? SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK’S EXPERIENCE: • Give up your personal decisions / opinions for a week—choose a friend to make all those decisions for you • Give up electronics that are not critical for school or work—isolate yourself from all forms of communication and means of contacting the outside world. • Do not speak about anything not critical to school or work. A variation of this can be to duct tape your mouth shut every day. Feel free to modify these suggestions as you feel fit, and if none of these suggested experiences work for you, we encourage you to come up with your own creative way of experiencing the lack of control over your own life. Remember, girls like Ka often go without being heard for years, if not their entire lives. This week, try to appreciate every time you are allowed to voice your opinions and be heard. Pray for girls like Ka to find freedom in Christ.

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