Saturday, January 01, 2011

Aslan's Table

This past week I went to see, “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, the newest installment of the Narnia movies with my wife. The movie itself was kinda boring (IMO), but the last 30 minutes or so was worth the rest of it. As usual, the clips with Aslan were the best!

Numerous (spiritual/biblical) themes were woven into the movie, but two themes really stuck with me after the film. The first was the multiple references to non-violence and peace (Aslan’s kingdom and Way). Of course I can naturally pick up on those inferences, perhaps even reading into certain scenes too much! But in a movie that revolves around war(s), conflict of good/evil, and general combat, it was an interesting subtle theme. However, that is not what I wanted to reflect on here. I wanted to reflect on what was the most powerful line of the film for me.

It took place at Aslan’s Table towards the end of the movie. Ramandu’s daughter, later to become the princess of Naria, said to everyone present in the scene.…

“Anyone is free to eat at Aslan’s table.” (paraphrase…or word for word quote, I am not sure…)

Definitely a powerful one liner, in a movie filled with them.

Anyone is free and able to eat from God’s table. Anyone is free to be united in relationship and purpose with Christ. The poor are not rejected, the rich are not rejected. The forgotten and oppressed of this world aren’t turned away from eating, mighty rulers can even sit and feast. Aslan’s Table for is for ALL.

As 2011 draws near, a huge motivating factor in sharing Jesus with those around me in need of food, shelter, friendship, purpose, whatever it may be…is that Jesus, the hope of the world, is free for all who wish to know Him.

Happy 2011.

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