Monday, August 09, 2010

The Cost: The Story of Those in Afghanistan

Every time I read about Christians being killed in Afghanistan, which has been often, my heart drops. It always comes in the blink of an eye. I open up Yahoo and the headline is inevitably on the top. It always says something like this, “Christian aid worker(s) killed in Afghanistan”. Its right at this moment my heart gets anxious and nervous. The expat community in the country is very close, very family like. And having lived there I can attest that we are all brothers and sisters. And I know one of my family has been impacted.

Since I left Afghanistan in 2007, several aid workers have been killed there. I still have pictures on my office wall of the Koreans murdered by the Taliban in late July 2007. Gayle Williams’ picture, murdered in October 2008, is next to the Koreans. I was never friends with these people, but nevertheless were impacted like a friend would be with their untimely deaths. All died with purpose. All died with Hope. All are with Jesus.

This weekend I opened up Yahoo to this headline, “8 Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan.” Like the other headlines I have read since 2007, I immediately became anxious. I read the story of these workers who calculated risk and moved out in Call and love. I knew what they were doing and why they were doing it. Love. I then read a subsequent article that released names. Then my worst nightmare came true….

Martyrdom is no longer an abstract reality. I actually know and have interacted on a meaningful level with one of those killed a few days ago. When I read the name…my heart sank…and it sinks still…I knew in the depths of my heart that someday this could happen to a friend in Afghanistan. But I wasn’t really prepared for the reality of it.

God can turn every evil into good. I believe that. I affirm that. That is not just an abstract reality to me or thought I have. I know it’s true. I believe God will work out the blood of these servants for His glory…somehow..someway…and truth be told, I have already experienced the tiniest fraction of what He is doing with this. I am moved. I am compelled even the more for Him.

My heart mourns. But we are not a people without Hope. My prayer is that what God is showing me through this, He will show others. And that is this: The world needs to see our love, and that love needs to be moved out in real and meaningful ways. Amen.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you honey! Praying and grieving with you today.
- Christianne

DrsMyhre said...

Immediately thought of you when we read the news too. John 12:24 was a comfort to us after Dr. Jonah Kule's death. Pray you will find Jesus' words true, and near. Jennifer