Thursday, December 31, 2009

Urbana 09: Money, DAY 3

Today was a good day for many reasons. I slept until 8am, a good 3 hour increase from the last couple of nights. I also met the person (living) who has most influenced my life: Shane Claiborne. Actually, it was a day filled with missions, WHM, and Shane. I met Shane in the early afternoon. I explained to him that I lived in Philly, a mere minutes away from his ministry, the Simple Way. He was very nice and sincere. He invited my wife and I to come over for dinner sometime at the Simple Way...I will definitely take him up on the offer!

DAY 3:
We have a great booth location. We are located right next to the only entrance doors, and alongside YWAM, we are the first mission organization to be seen as potential missionaries make their way through a complex, vast, and intimidating gymnasium filled with opportunity. And we have made the most of it. At the end of Day 3, we met a goal that we set for the effort of the entire week: 385 people had signed up on our facebook fan page. I have also had numerous conversations about who we are and what we do, and lots of encouragement from like-minded organizations. Most individuals I am speaking with have interest in our internship programs in which we work hard to help grow the missionary personally as well as make a tangible difference in the host country for Christ.

Meeting Shane Claiborne was a highlight of the day. Using Scripture and application, God has used him to change my worldview significantly...and judging by the reaction from the other 16,000...I am not alone. I attended a seminar he did in conjunction with Dr. John Perkins and it was quite riveting and memorable. Few things in this world move people like observing another who lives out what they believe...especially when what they believe in is Jesus and His Kingdom. That evening Shane was the speaker and was given the task of speaking on the issue of "money". Perhaps needless to say, he was prophetically brilliant. The call to missional Followers of Christ was to live incarnationally (dwelled among us) in hurting, marginalized places by partaking in their sufferings. This often translates into making sacrifices even to the extent to a "vow of poverty." We have countless indications and examples in Scripture of those who lived incarnationally like this. As Shane would quote from Gandhi concerning money, resources, and pwer, "There is enough for every ones need, but not for every ones greed." Amen.

Picture: Me and Shane Claiborne

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