Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Matthew 10:14

The authoritative nature of Scripture is intense. I love it at times, it is scary at times, and it is always consuming, eating to the very core of one's soul. I even love it when Scripture gives us guidance and wisdom even when it may be very hard for an Evangelical Christian, who desires to evangelize, to hear. This is where Matthew 10:14 comes in.

The world truly was not worthy of Bae or Shim. For those of you who don't know these names, they are the two South Korean men who laid down their lives in Afghanistan for the sake of the Gospel. They were treated as less than human, taken as prisoners in a place where they only desired to help. 19 others shared a similar trial. Most of them women, that were help captive for over 3 weeks as evil reared its ugly head. The world can be a very ugly place.

This ridiculous act of evil was brought to every one's attention through the media, and headline coverage from outlets such as Yahoo and CNN. Because of this coverage, millions of Believers united in prayer for the South Korean Believers, their brothers and sisters. 19, less 2 martyrs, were eventually released and allowed to go home......

Praise God for the release and life for these South Koreans. I can already sense and see how God will use this tragedy for His cause. The unified efforts of Believers in prayer, the lives of those directly involved will forever be altered, and God's glory will prevail. Its amazing to see God work in this....its also eye-opening to see the worldly response. Upon release, the South Koreans were pounced upon as they heard vicious attacks from their homeland. Many spoke out against the Koreans, saying that they were "stupid" and "careless" for entering a strictly Islamic land. The South Korean government was also upset with the Koreans, saying that they were considering making the Koreans pay money for the expenses and effort taken to free them, also stating that they "really hurt the Korean's image to the world", that "no one will take them serious as an up and coming superpower in the world". Furthermore the Korean government claimed that the captives "seriously damaged South Korea's reputation." Amazing to see the two sides....I pray that these captive South Koreans never doubt their calling, that as Believers and called to act on behalf of Jesus and His cause, they will always counter the world's systems and desires. That they are "in the world, not of the world." That Jesus promised "persecution" for those who lived out His calling. I thank God for the Koreans.

I worry about Afghanistan. Which brings in Matthew 10:14. One of the conditions of the release of the South Koreans was that the South Korean government had to say they wouldn't let anymore aid workers into Afghanistan. Though some Believers may disagree with me or differ in opinion, I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. For one, God has used a similar instance as this in the recent past (email me and ask me for further details if you would like to know specifics). Also, Jesus says it will happen too. When commissioning the disciples in Matthew 10, Jesus tells them to take His message to the world, but he also states that if they do not receive it, to "shake the dust from their shoes." In other words, you did what I called you to do and they are not receiving it, so leave. He goes onto say that the city in which this happens will be doomed....People continue to reject the message of Jesus, and God will eventually call His messengers somewhere else....

So, sometimes Scripture can be hard to swallow. I don't necessarily like this passage, but I also realize that God has the power and authority to do this. Thank you God for working Your purpose, no matter what, and that You do deserve ALL people to worship you!


Travis said...

Shaking the dust off your feet is a hard concept to swallow. But I've had multiple conversations lately with other disciples who have felt that they were spinning their wheels with certain unbelievers. And its interesting to think that we are called to be surfers in a sense....to look where God is sending in the sets and ride them in. Then paddle out again.

Travis said...
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John Lynch said...

I love the biblical concept of a "remnant".

Throughout history, even in the darkest times and places, God preserves for Himself a remnant of those with hearts inclined toward the life that only the Creator can give. Afganistan, S Korea, the USA... always a remnant, always at the center of God's loving heart, always intersecting in ever-humbling ways those from remnants elsewhere.

Here's the remnant - both those who have responded to Christ's call and who will.

Love ya dude.