Monday, September 11, 2006


The NFL started this week. I love football and miss it already since I've been "here". I even have my brother taping some games to me and sending them over even though they will be really outdated by the time they arrive. So, today since I couldn't watch the games, I scoped out all the box scores and tried to get a feel for how they went. I love it and miss it.

When people ask me why I enjoy sports so much, I usually respond that it's an escape for me. "It gets me away from reality for a while, gives me space." I began to realize that I say this phrase a lot though. I say it concerning many things. Sports. Weightlifting. Fantasy Sports (and lots of 'em!). Hours at Starbucks and/or Barnes & Noble. Carrie Underwood. Sitting in my room meditating instead of going out. Reading. Listening to my MP3 player. Internet use.

Escape-ism. I have begun to realize that this is an issue for me. I used to think that I needed this time, but the fact is, I am almost escaping my whole day away sometimes. What am I running from? I have no idea. Why am I sharing this? Another good question. But whatever I'm running from, I'm tired of running from it. I share this as a confession and a way of not trying to escape....again......


Tam` said...

Thank you for your openness Grant.
There are things in life that can be enjoyed until, like you said, are used to numb something deep in us. I can tell when I am using something as an escape when I am not satisfied by it. I love to read, listen to sermons, be with good friends/loved ones, watch good movies, football (yeh Cardinals by the way!), which I think are fine things, but when I am using them to fill a void in my soul that Someone else is wanting to fill, the result is frustration and uneasiness.
The search for balance continues...(sigh)

BAB said...

That is an interesting question, and an interesting cultural commentary. How much of our culture is built around escape? If we are not conscious of it, our lives can become almost completely consumed with it. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Praise… God… for answered prayers… He’s been dealing with muah in the same. Taken the leap with Him on your side is definitely outside the comfort zone in this area. But way cool once you hop the ride… Just wait, it’s get’s better, liberating if you will. You’ll dig it my friend, keep me posted to the latest happs of this new journey!

Lot’s of love fo ya!

John Lynch said...

I'm eager to read another post on this from you man. Maybe one that tells what you're figuring out about what you feel you might be running from?